Adventures in Terry and June land

I’ve taken to livetweeting any time I see my parents. They are hilarious.

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I hope it’s obvious, despite me taking the piss, that I love them dearly and think they’re brilliant. I miss them, living miles away. Given all the terrible people the world is full of, it seems a shame not to spend more time with lovely people. Especially ones who love you, and want to see you.

But I do find them utterly exasperating. Also, does anyone else have that strange tendency to start acting like a 13 year old as soon as you’re in your parents’s house? I start stamping my feet and sulking. It’s embarrassing.

For some reason they are much easier to deal with if I view it all as an amusing anecdote in the making. So I realised that the secret of quality time with the parents is to make it as sitcom-like as possible. Fortunately (as you can see) they work in that genre instinctively. But I thought: what I should do is set up as ridiculous situation as possible to hang out with parents in. Of course, it’s when travelling that they are at their most amusing…

So I realised there’s an idea I had a while ago that would be perfect. A couple of years ago I walked the Cotswold Way with Mum and Dad. Well, they didn’t walk much – are you mad? – they mainly ate cakes and bickered. I did most of the walking on my own, but met up with them at mealtimes. Which was ideal.
My life is too short to hunt back for the tweets and storify that too. But trust me, it was awesome.I thought this old idea of mine could work a bit like that. So this is by way of an announcement: me and the boyfriend are going to walk the River Trent, with the parents acting as back up team. They don’t know about this yet. If you want to help, you could leave comments on Dad’s YouTube channel, saying how much you’d like to see him perform along the River Trent, as part of his wayward and ungrateful daughter’s genius/crazy plan.
I’ll let you know how I get on with persuading them…
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